See What SOLD In Under 4 DAYS!

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See what sold in under 4 days!

Welcoming you to this beautiful property located in Etobicoke, Ontario! This home was previously vacant and needed ALT. Adding a modern, fresh and open concept design to this home was essential in showcasing a fully functional living space. 

STAGED & SOLD: $925,000

LISTED: $899,000

Days on Market: 4

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See what sold in under 4 days!

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See what sold in under 4 days!

Providing design direction that can help take your property to the next level. One thing remains certain, an effective staging design is critical for homes to sell for the most money in the shortest time. Creating purpose in each room helps the buyer to visualize a future lifestyle. 

STAGED & SOLD: $1,249,000

LISTED: 1,249,000

Days on Market: 1

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See what sold in under 4 days!

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