Please use the link provided to start the staging or interior design process with ALT: altinteriors.ca/contact

Our ALT Designers are happy to chat with you via phone or email:

(416) 665 4693 or info@ladystouch.ca

Yes, there is a fee to schedule a staging consultation. The fee for an in-person consultation is $350 plus tax. The fee of the consultation is worked into the staging investment if you proceed to stage with ALT. Following the consultation, you will be given a written report which serves as a to-do list for your sellers to prepare for staging.

For Interior Design consultations, the fee is $500 plus tax.

Staging prices start from $1500 and up. It depends on the amount of furniture and type of furniture required to showcase a home to sell.

Only for occupied homes. The Staging report details what the sellers should address prior to staging. Items like de-cluttering, furniture repositioning, painting, etc are itemized per room for your seller. This is a handy to-do list for them in preparation for staging. 

Staging is billed per month or (30 days). If you require to renew the staging for an additional month the fee is priced at 50% off the orginal month’s fee. Full Payment of the staging fee is due 3 days prior to your scheduled stage date. An invoice will be e-mailed to you for payment processing. Please ensure payment is made online using the payment link provided, prior to the scheduled stage date to confirm the scheduled staging and reserve your selected rental items.

The recurring monthly rental fee for the furniture and accessories following the first 30-day period, will be 50% off the original month plus tax and will be charged to Clients credit card on a reoccurring monthly basis, until the rental agreement is cancelled and the rented items have been returned.

The Client further understands de-staging of all items will commence once property is sold firm.

The extension of rental will commence on and renew automatically three business days prior to expiration of the rental period, unless cancelled by Client by providing written notice to A LADY’S TOUCH Inc. via e-mail to info@ladystouch.ca.

Payment for the next monthly rental period will be processed two business days prior to the expiration of a monthly rental period. Fees will not be prorated

No you may not. All furnishings owned by A Lady’s Touch are for display purposes only. Bedding should not be slept in. The homeowner/client/realtor is responsible for the full replacement value of any lost or damaged items. 

Client understands that the minimum rental period for each individual order is one (1) month. Accordingly, Clients will not be entitled to a refund/rebate for any portion of the staging fee for the first 30 days. 

We encourage you to read more about our process by clicking the Interior Design tab!

The ALT Design Process is comprised of 4 simple phases as shown below:

PHASE 1 - Contact & Consult

PHASE 2 - Sourcing

PHASE 3 - Ordering

PHASE 4 - Delivery & Installation

We encourage our clients to collect images from magazines, Pinterest and any social media accounts. This will help us to uncover your design style and direction during our initial meeting.

We also reccomend that our clients understand their project budget prior to the initial meeting. This will help both parties determine what can be designed within the project scope.

As a result of obtaining trade program affiliations, our clients always receive a portion of our discounts. As further incentive, ALT offers a portion of our trade discount onto our clients.

For instance, should our suppliers provide 20% discount for trades, we retain 10% and offer the remaining 10% to our client. Worthy of note, our wholesalers offer between 10% to 30% in trade discounts. 

We are open from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m Monday to Friday. We do not work weekends or holidays. 

Due to COVID-19, no one except the staging team can be present during the staging or destaging process. The Client and homeowners agree NOT to be present while members of the staging team are within the home. 

Also added safety is provided by our PPE Supplier to ensure all staff wear masks, sanitize as well as clean all rental items prior to each staging installation. 

Please send resumes to info@ladystouch.ca