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ALT | Interiors illustrates the connection between lifestyle, home, and aesthetic with form, composition, and intention. Each element within the space is arranged to stimulate a narrative that will allow the client to build an emotional connection to the home.

ALT | Interiors has curated a design process that surpasses ordinary home staging. We have fused together interior design with home styling. The impact of designing an upscale space that embodies a home will directly lead to sellers obtaining the highest value for their property.

"A lady's touch as a brand elevates the presentation of any space. A lady's touch is a passionate team mindful of connecting functionality with visual appearance.".

Luxury Staging

The final presentation within any of our spaces is thoughtfully curated by our designers. The Designer ultimately selects the elements needed to complete the stage or design the Lady’s Touch way.

Luxury Staging
Luxury Staging

It is imperative that the components placed within the home illustrate not only the potential it holds, but the suitable composition of furniture to display an optimal, and attainable outline for clients.


We have built a brand that consistently integrates the current direction of design into our work. Our designers always reference demographics prior to designing: location, age group of potential buyers.

Luxury Staging