2021 Is All About The Following 7 Decor Tips

It’s a New year! And 2021 is all about these 7 home design and decor tips! So look no further. I’ve got your home decor guide for 2021 covered. Keeping with the following trends will make you a DIY designer in no time. Let’s get started!

7 Decor Tips

  1. LIGHTING – Refreshing the main light fixture in your home can bring bling and bedazzle to the whole house. If you’re working with limited space, hanging a chandelier can add style and visual appeal without making the room look cramped. Even in tiny spaces like walk-in closets.decor tips
  1. BUTTERFLIES – Majestic and visually stunning. Butterflies are appearing on everything from wallpaper to area rugs. This butterfly pattern showcases a rainbow of colors and can brighten any room. Butterflies have such a magical presence and are symbolic of both creativity and optimism. This area rug is perfect for a nursery or home office!blog butterflies
  1. SOFT TEXTURES – In most fashion statements, style and look overthrow comfort but NOT in just case. Coming home from a chaotic day and putting your feet up on a lush velvet sofa is like sinking into a warm bubble bath after a long day. More and more designers are incorporating luxuriously soft materials in decor this year, like faux fur and mohair. This blue velvet sofa is a statement piece that does not comprise on comfort!
    7 tips for decor this year. your guide for design and decor trends in 2017.
    7 tips for decor this year. Your guide for design and decor trends in 2021.
  1. RUGS AS ART –  Rugs treated as the art will be an immediate eye-catcher. For homeowners looking to make an impact, rugs become art with rooms being built around them.blog rug art
  1. DARK GREEN – In The Great Gatsby the green light represents a dream. To designers this year it’s all about that dark and deep green. I’ve most commonly seen the use of green through a feature wallpaper, accent chair, or cushions, and decor. It’s commonly mixed with gold and very Gatsby inspired. That’s a lot of G’s. Green/Gold/Gatsby.blog dark green
  1. CORK – Commonly used in wine bottles and construction materials. Who knew? But it’s true. For 2021, Cork will be making a comeback because it’s quite versatile. Cork insulates well and is ideal for absorbing noise. Plus, it adds warmth, comfort, and awesome texture.blog cork
  1. INDUCTION COOKTOPS –  cooking technology is taking it up a notch. Literally! This magnetic induction stovetop can produce lightning fast high heat or very low lows, up to 40% faster than gas or electric.blog induction

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