3 Creative Storage Tips For Tight Spaces

It’s hard to get rid of clutter, especially in tight spaces. Things all over the floor, windowsill, and counters can add chaos to your life. To help bring a sense of clarity and calmness, here are three creative storage tips for itty bitty rooms.

Creative storage tips you should implement

1. Don’t Discard Potential Storage Spaces

creative storage tips
Storage solutions: photo by laura moss

Believe it or not, there are potential storage solutions everywhere. Underneath the bed is one of the most valuable spots to stash essentials. Install small cubes or rectangular shelf units for open storage. No doors mean no need to gobble up space for opening and closing.

2. Look up! The Use of Vertical Spaces

photo by lisa ng
Vertical storage solutions: photo by lisa ng

There are plenty of vertical areas that can get overlooked when it comes to small-space storage. Put those precious square feet to good use, especially for narrow items that are prone to quick clutter. Floating shelves from IKEA are my go-to for vertical storage solutions. Over the toilet in a small bathroom is a great place to neatly put away clutter that clogs up space under the sink or on the floor.

3. Entranceway Drop Zone

photo by laura moss 2
Entrance way storage: photo by laura moss

A Bench at the door is the right combination of furniture and accessories and can create an efficient entryway, even if space is limited. Don’t be afraid to get creative! An entranceway bench is great because it can house a lot of things. Baskets in one area, hooks and cubbies in another for jackets, shoes, keys, and mail.

Implement these creative storage tips to transform tight spaces.

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