3 Techniques To Piece Together The Perfect House

The Perfect House


the perfect house
3 techniques to piece together the perfect house


Piecing Together The Perfect Bedroom


There are so many different ways you can get creative with a space but it all comes down to how it will look when its’ pieced together. We always start by selecting the artwork. Once the artwork is selected, it becomes easier to select all the other pieces by pulling colors from the art you know you’re going to use. We decided to keep it neutral in this bedroom; however, you’ll notice that we have created good contrast between the light and darker elements in the room as a reflection to the chosen artwork.


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3 techniques to piece together the perfect house


1. Keeping it Clean


It’s not often that people ask for closet staging but when they do, A Lady’s Touch is well prepared. Our go-to look is the crisp black and white dress shirts as these showcase a clean  and fresh environment while still making the closet look full. We add a pop of colour with our designer clothing boxes as they take the built-ins to the next level.


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3 techniques to piece together the perfect house


2. Creating the WOWSPACE


One of the most challenging things to work with in the staging industry is space. This Toronto home has a small living space but could you tell? We give small spaces a large personality and it’s what we do best. The living room is commonly the first room you see when entering a home and you only get one first impression so it needs to be WOW. A Lady’s Touch has a variety of furniture to accommodate any house that requires staging. No house is too big or too small and we got you covered either way.


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3 techniques to piece together the perfect house


3. The Heart of The Home


The room that gets the most love in the entire home. When staging, we often like to showcase the kitchen as the greatest space for entertaining. ALT always makes sure to highlight the feature elements in your space; however, keeping this area of the home as clean and organized as possible.


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