5 Favorite And Unique Home Decor Trends Of The Year

It’s almost a New Year, and when it comes to home decor, our motto is out with the old, in with the new. There are so many fabulous trends that are emerging for 2016 that there’s no excuse to keep fading styles or dated looks around any longer.

So, with that said, put your chevron throw pillows in the donation pile, and give your home an au courant update with our favorite home decor trends of 2016 (& a few of our on-trend picks from TLV).

Unique Home Decor Trends

home decor trends

1. Mixed metals. Mixed metallics was one of the biggest trends of 2016, and it’s holding strong for this year, too. In fact, now that we’ve all seen how beautiful silver, gold, and copper look in the same room, we don’t see this gorgeous look going anywhere anytime soon.

Shop the trend with a gold sunburst mirror by Rinfret.

2. A focus on lighting. Lighting options are trendier, more diverse, and more plentiful than ever before, so ditch the builder’s grade fixtures and turn your lighting into the focal point of your room with decorative pendants, lamps, and sconces.

bedroom, bed, bedside lamp, bedside light
Shop the trend with scene-stealing pendant light with disco flair:

3. Handmade allure. Blame this one on the maker’s movement: the handmade decor is everywhere this year. Get the look with needlepoint pillows (yep, they’re not just for Grandma’s house anymore), crochet wall hangings (those, either!), or hand-thrown pottery.

Shop the trend with a set of handmade paper-pulp vases: handmade pulp vases

4. Global awareness. The colorful bohemian look is hotter than ever, especially when mixed with streamlined, midcentury modern pieces. So go ahead, pair your Turkish kilim rug with chinoiserie style bamboo chairs, or mix Mexican serape textiles with pillows you found in a Moroccan souk.

This year, the more eclectic, the better.
Shop the trend with a Turkish prayer rug.

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5. Sustainable sensibility. More and more, decor manufacturers, retailers, and interior designers are focused on producing and incorporating eco-friendly, sustainable wares.

From low-VOC furniture finishes and sustainably sourced hardwoods to a focus on upcycling and vintage shopping, if it’s earth-friendly, it’s in style.
Shop the trend with a pair of re-upholstered 1940s armchairs:

What are your favorite home decor trends of 2016?

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