6 Simple Steps In The Home Staging Process

The Home Staging Process

home staging process

6 simple steps in the home staging process


1. See The Property


It’s important that we see and understand the space we’re working with. How much furniture is involved? What colours compliment the home? How do we maximize space? After the initial site visit, we are able to get clear on the vision and direction of the staging design.


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6 simple steps in the home staging process


2. The Blue Print


After seeing the property, it’s time to create the Blue Print. Since not all of the team members can be at the initial consultation, we need to do the best job possible in relaying how the space should look. We create a list of all the rooms that are to be staged and explain exactly what elements are to be brought in order to achieve the look we already visualized. A hard copy is sent to our designers and it’s time to begin.


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6 simple steps in the home staging process


3. Time to Pack


Now it’s time to pack for the stage. Once the designer has the blue print, they have free range to decide what exact pieces they want to bring. They spend lots of time in the warehouse preparing and creating to ensure the packed items are what we have been visualizing from the start. After the designer finalizes packing, we go through the blue print room by room and make sure we have everything needed and ensure everyone is on the same page with the design.


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6 simple steps in the home staging process


4. Loading Up


Now that the designers have selected their furniture items, the movers are ready to load up the trucks. The lead designer on the stage will be responsible for assisting the movers and making sure they have grabbed every piece that is selected for the stage. The designer will go over the blue print once more to ensure everything in the truck before heading out.


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6 simple steps in the home staging process


5. Staging


The day is here and it’s time for the staging installation. Depending on the size of the stage, there is anywhere from 3-6 people making sure the job is getting done fast and efficiently. We have different members of the team doing and taking care of different things throughout the stage to ensure no details are missed. Staging can take anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the size of the home but we always get the job done in one day.


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6 simple steps in the home staging process


6. De-Staging


Once the property sells firm, it’s time to destage. The same team members that were involved in the stage will be the same ones who come and help take everything away. The destage can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the size of the home and once it’s complete the staging process has come to an end.


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