Is GTA Home Staging Worth It?

In recent years, GTA home staging has become a ‘must-do’ for most sellers. In fact, about 82% of buyer’s agents believe that home staging makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the house as their future home. Also, staged houses have historically sold faster and for a higher price than unstaged homes.

So, is home staging worth it?

To answer this question, let’s get an overview of how home staging works and explore the benefits of home staging.

How GTA home staging works

Staging a home isn’t adding a bunch of artwork and furniture to your house. It is a deliberate marketing approach with specific objectives intended to drive a higher property price. Generally, home staging is intended to make it easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home. Thus, professional home stagers create and implement a well-thought-out plan to;

  • Make your property look more organized and clean.
  • Have each room look spacious and elegant.
  • Make the entire property feel more welcoming to potential buyers.
  • Add functionality to each room.
  • Modernize your living space by adding new creative artwork and furnishings.
  • Depersonalize your house and have the buyer visualize themselves in the home.

When hiring a GTA home staging company, pay attention to the quality and cost of the staging services they provide. Before you sign a contract, an experienced home stager will help you understand the cost breakdown. This may include costs of movers, cleaning costs, full-scale renovations (if necessary), and more.

Benefits of home staging

Fetch a higher price

If your house is more appealing to potential buyers, they’ll be more willing to make better offers and pay top dollar for the home. A recent survey done by the Real Estate Staging Association revealed that 85% of professionally staged homes sell between 5% and 20% more than the initial asking price for similar unstaged homes.

Once potential buyers fall in love with your house, they’ll be more likely to compete for the home and probably increase their offers. Remember, emotion is a crucial driving factor in prospective homebuyers’ decisions, and making them love your house will encourage them to be ready to pay more dollars for it.

Sell faster

According to a study by the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes spend approximately 73% less time on the real estate market than unstaged homes. And nothing makes the entire home selling process more tedious than having to wait for several months to sell your home. Staging homes for sale ensures that sellers don’t get stuck in home limbo for months.

Staging accentuates the top features of your property

Your property’s best features should be accentuated with well-thought-out furniture placement and interior décor. This makes it possible for potential home buyers to see what’s unique about the house. So, work with professional home stagers to ensure all room’s contents complement stove ovens, fireplaces, architectural features, and security features.

Remember, a dynamic home staging team can help improve your property’s ambiance and give potential buyers a great first impression when viewing it. On many occasions, prospective buyers will have formed opinions by the time they have taken a few steps into the house. A crooked frame, bad smell, or a dirty floor can be the difference between getting a great offer and your home spending months in the real estate market.

The ‘wow’ factor

When prospective buyers walk into your house, they often think beyond what their eyes can see. They visualize themselves living in the home. Is the house an ideal place for kids to grow up? Does it have what the buyer needs to enjoy retirement?

Generally, clutter hinders these visions, and this is bad news for you (the seller). The good news is that a professional stager and décor expert can take an objective look at your home and implement a staging approach that will ensure your prospective buyers can see themselves living in the space.

GTA home staging is worth the cost

No matter how the property market is, whether it’s competitive, slow, or moderate, ensuring your home is staged professionally is crucial in getting a quick sale and a higher sale price.

If your property is staged when the property market is slow, you’ll be bringing more attention (potential buyers) to your home – hence, shortening the number of days it spends on the property listings. In a moderate property market, staging can boost sales prices by 2% to 10%. Those selling luxury homes are likely to get the highest benefits of staging.

In a competitive market, characterized by bidding wars, a properly staged home can fetch a final price increase of 20% to 50%.

Sure, the approximate cost of staging a home can be high, but the benefits of GTA home staging outweigh the costs.


Is home staging worth it?

In most cases, staging companies in GTA result in a high selling price and quick sales. Sure, there are downsides to home staging in Richmond Hill such as the staging cost and a lot of work before listing your home. However, the home staging cost and other downsides are outweighed by the staging benefits.

How does home staging work?

Staging a home in King City isn’t adding a bunch of artwork and furniture to your house. It is a deliberate marketing approach with specific objectives intended to drive a higher property price. Generally, home staging is intended to make it easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home. Note that you need a professional stager with a comprehensive knowledge of décor staging techniques and current market trends.

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