Is Staging Worth The Investment?

ALT Designer, Kelly Walters

Have you ever been scrolling through a dating app and stumbled upon a photo of an individual proudly displaying a dead fish? It can be a deterrent for most. Selling your home is a lot like online dating nowadays. Potential buyers usually see pictures of listings online before viewing the home in person. Pictures of rooms with water damage, holes in the walls, dated furniture, and clutter is a home’s, dead fish. Staging can help fix these problems.

Staging helps potential buyers to envision themselves in the space. We at ALT begin with neutralizing the environment by removing clutter, family photos, and any other personal items. Our designers will make suggested cosmetic repairs and fixture upgrades to the home. When a room has a tricky layout, we can help buyers envision themselves in the space by strategically placing furnishings and accessories. Our design experts will know how to plan tricky spaces to make the rooms feel larger, even with furniture. Properties staged by ALT stand out on the MLS.

We specialize in making properties look luxurious no matter the price point. Most sellers make back what they paid for staging and then some.

Staging helps get the biggest possible ROI. Staging could be the difference between selling for the asking price vs over asking.

Anything as simple as scuff marks on a wall, leaky faucets, or outdated fixtures can deter potential buyers.

So is staging worth the investment? Clients who stage with us regularly see a high return on investment. Staging should be seen as an additional closing cost necessary to sell a home. So is it worth it? Absolutely! Why wouldn’t you want to sell for top dollar?

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