Should You Hire Home Staging Companies In Toronto?

When selling a home, there are factors you can’t change. For instance, you can’t change the local market’s strength and the neighborhood’s desirability. But some variables are within your control. For example, you can choose a knowledgeable real estate agent and work with one of the best home staging companies in Toronto to ensure your house looks its best before listing in the local property market.

Nowadays, getting homes for sale into a market-ready shape requires the help of an experienced home stager. Home staging was once perceived as a ‘nice to have’ or a great option for high-end homes and commercial properties. However, property staging has become commonplace. In fact, it’s crucial to stage homes in competitive markets like Vancouver and Toronto to get the top dollar for your house.

Additionally, research proves that collaborating with home staging companies in Toronto and North America pays off. An American survey by the National Association of Realtors showed that 83% of real estate agents agreed that staging a home made it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves in the house. Further, 22% of agents reported increased offer value for staged homes, and 28% reported that a staged house spent fewer days on the market than a non-staged home.

Are you still wondering whether hiring home staging companies in Toronto is worth the cost? Well, here’s a deeper look at when you need and don’t need home staging companies.

Hire a professional stager if:

You are not much of an interior designer

If you have a flair for home interior design, you can stage your home, particularly if you have high-quality furniture and interior décor. However, it’s worth paying for home staging services if you are not a natural interior designer or decorator.

It’s a buyer’s property market

home staging companies in toronto
Should you hire home staging companies in toronto?

In our experience, the buyer’s market implies that there’s more supply of homes for sale than demand. That means potential home buyers can be picky. For this reason, you will need to do everything possible to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. The home staging cost may be high, but if the alternative means your home will spend more days on the property listings, the staging cost may be worth it.

Your home has odd rooms

Some homes have small rooms with a not-so-great layout. These rooms may be perfectly functional, but potential buyers may find it challenging to imagine the room’s potential. In this case, a home staging company may help you show off how functional and elegant those rooms are.

You may not need a stager if:

You need to move fast

Suppose you want to move out as soon as your house sells. Staging your home may not make much sense. This is because it takes time to stage a home properly, particularly if you need to rent high-end furniture to create an inviting space that will visually appeal to buyers. In this case, you don’t have to incur housing staging costs. Instead, it’s better to do a few upgrades to boost the curb appeal and get it sold.

It’s a seller’s property market

A seller’s market means there are more potential house buyers who want to buy a home than available houses for sale. Remember, the hotter the local real estate market, the more likely you will receive multiple offers. Some of these offers may be slightly over the asking price. In such a market, staging costs may not be worthwhile because your house will likely sell quickly even without staging.

You are on a limited budget

If you are considering professional home staging, it’s crucial to consider the cost of these services. If you are on a limited budget, paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to stage your home can be challenging until it eventually sells.

Wrap up

Professional home staging is an excellent way to show off your home to prospective buyers. However, it’s also a time-consuming and costly task. To decide whether it makes sense to work with home staging companies in Toronto, consider your selling timeline, budget, and the current real estate market.

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