Top 3 Amazing Floor Types For Kitchens

Marble and Mosaic: Brilliant! This is one of the common floor types for kitchens and its design is like having it all. Wood, marble, and mosaic. Common complaints with wood flooring in the kitchen area it’s difficult to keep clean.
Spills and food stains are hard to avoid in the kitchen and that’s why creating hardwood flooring with a mosaic insert like this Cemetine B&W from CIOT within a marble border is genius.
This gorgeous kitchen is from the Princess Margaret showroom in King City, Ontario.


floor types for kitchen
Mosaic and marble flooring
Ceramic Tile: This is a great choice for kitchens or bathrooms because it’s super easy to clean, doesn’t harbor germs, and fairly inexpensive.
The protective layer and slick coat that rests over these slabs of clay make them impervious to water, ideal for use in moist environments.
rsz ceramic tile
Ceramic tile flooring
Hardwood: Wood creates an “urban loft” feel or a cozy cottage setting in the kitchen.
If using wood in the kitchen, purchase products with sealers that make it viable for flooring and long term durability in the kitchen.
rsz 1wood

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